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Block Island in Spring

by Rosemary Tobin

It’s that time of year when the Island starts to buzz; it is a bittersweet time for those of us that live here year round.  As much as you love the brighter longer days you miss the quiet familiar faces of winter.

One thing is for sure year after year there is nothing like spring on Block Island.  Everyone and everything arrives on the Island.  Each boat trip over becomes this romantic reunion of a friend returning or someone that you are meeting for the first time or even better all of the stuff you ordered  online!   

Spring to someone that lives here on the Island is the start of many things and it is all about preparation.  I was trained by Lettuce Entertain You for a job when I lived in Chicago and one of the training terms that always stuck with me is “The Six P’s”: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.  This Island is exemplary at this; another reason why I probably ended up here…it always resonated with me. “T.W.A.B” was another training term but that is entirely another blog.

Everyone on the Island no matter who you are, you are preparing. Preparing the building, preparing the garden, preparing the paperwork, preparing the staff, preparing the menu, preparing the bikes, preparing the store window, preparing for the onslaught of questions and answers.  How was your winter?  Where did you Travel? How is your family? Why is the beach so rocky?

Spring as much as the flowers and the plants grow so do the number of people.  Our six month residents return, owners coming out to open their homes,  new people smartly enjoying the off season of the Island, and of course those that were here all winter start to come out of their proverbial caves.

From spring comes summer; the excitement of beach days and the first swim in the ocean are almost here! First we “Six P” then we “baptize” ourselves in the salty water to yet again start a new season.  I often think of the summer as the start of the year, it’s almost like we have our own calendar celebrating the Block Island “new year” with paint, cardboard boxes and daffodils. 

Photos by Tracy Finn

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