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Block Island's 350 Birthday and the photo memories everyone can share!

by Kaylan McAleer

Happy 350th Birthday Block Island !

As I picked up last weeks Block Island's Times a particular section caught my eye, the section titled "The Way We Were" a small section requesting people send their favorite Block Island pictures and memory of the past. Not pictures of the island but pictures of the friends and families that have visited the island over the years. The Block Island Times plans to run this section throughout the year. They request that all photos be emailed to pvoskamp@blockislandtimes.com or mail a hard copy to PO Box 237,Block Island, RI 02807. Please remember to include your return address so that the photo can be sent back.

When you send in your photo make sure you include a brief description as to who is in the photo when it was taken and what was going on and be sure to tell them why it is your favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing all the memories over this year, the year of Block Island's 350th birthday.

The photo that was featured this past week (January 1,2011) was a photo of the Lang family that was taken in June of 1950. In that photo was Fraser Lang, the owner of the Block Island Times. At the time the photo was taken he was 5 years old, it was his first trip ever to the island. In the picture was his parents, Charles and Helen Lang, his brother Neil, and his youngest sister Leslie.

I love seeing Block Island memories and plan on sending my favorite photo in to the Times. So keep your eye out for me and my family, The McAleers.