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Courtney van Beuren

Courtney van Beuren

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I have always been an ambassador to the places I love.

Growing up on a horse farm on the Severn River, just outside of Annapolis, MD, I pulled my wagon with seaweed and soft-shell blue crabs to each neighbor. After receiving $0.50 cents per crab and a pat on the head, I then went down the lane, sharing the heritage of my land.

Sailing in a regatta for Annapolis Yacht Club, I met my husband, a professional sailor from Newport. Upon moving to RI, I was an Event Sales Manager at Castle Hill Inn for 4 years. A fantastic way of introducing thousands of national and international guests to the island through over 200 weddings, social and corporate events.

Only the birth of my son could take me away from that job. I then discovered the island through a child’s eyes – picnics on 2nd Beach, lacrosse and Polo at the Glen, surfing and sailing on the Bay, mite hockey at Portsmouth Abbey, St. George’s, and the Lily Pond.

For 5 years, at Atlantic Stars Hotels & Cruises, I was the Marketing Coordinator with 8 hotels in Newport, Martha’s Vineyard, Manhattan & South Beach as well as 3 yachts, including Madeleine, RumRunnerII and 160' S/Y Arabella that cruised New England, Maine and the Caribbean. Now quite the "East Coast Ambassador."

Currently, as the Membership Director for the Carnegie Abbey Club, on the northwestern side of Aquidneck Island, I've introduced over 70 national and international guests to membership at the premier sporting estate and lifestyle on the Narragansett Bay.

Please now allow me to be your ambassador — finding the home you will love in Rhode Island at Lila Delman Real Estate.

The America’s Cup 45’ s in Newport. CvB onboard the mark boat each day-explaining racing, our island, serving 7 small courses with drinks flowing, for international guests, celebrities, and dignitaries, all eager to learn our region.
(Courtney van Beuren, VIP Hostess for Louis Vuitton, center)
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