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4 Things That Could Diminish Your Home's Value

by Lila Delman Real Estate

Whether you're considering a remodel for your existing property or are contemplating purchasing a new one, we strongly encourage you to read through this list of qualities and improvements that have the potential to lower your home's value:

Swimming Pool

While a number of luxury homes in coastal Rhode Island feature pools, the idea of having a swimming pool in the backyard is not appealing to every buyer. For one, there is a lot of upkeep and maintenance costs associated with having a pool. Also, buyers with young children are often concerned about safety and may consider a pool to be a hazard. 


If you are a pet owner, you may not notice the smell of your home when you walk through the front door, but prospective buyers most might. The fear of not being able to remove the pet odor often scares many buyers away. Aside from the odor, pets can do a number on carpets, molding, window sills, and more.

Cheap Remodeling Jobs

Buyers can often tell when a poor quality remodeling job was done. These little imperfections can quickly devalue your home. If your budget does not allow you to do a quality remodel, you may want to consider postponing it until you have the appropriate funds to allocate towards it. 

Taste Specific Paint Colors

It's no surprise that many homebuyers can't see past an an awful paint job, but this often deters people from seriously considering a property. If you're going to put your home on the market, choosing neutral colors can do wonders for your investment.

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