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Designing the Ultimate Kids Media Room

by Lila Delman Real Estate

The media room has been a desirable feature in homes for many years now. However, the way that people are using this space has become increasingly social, which has naturally lead to the development of the kids media room

If you plan to create a media room for your kids in your home, the first thing to consider is where this space will be. Since components such as sound and light are critical to designing the ideal media room, you'll need to choose a space within your home that can accommodate these factors. This is why media rooms for kids are often carved out of space in the basement or a spare guest room.

Next, consider how your kids will use the media room. Will it primarily be for watching movies, or are your kids super skilled gamers? Either way, you'll need to think about the technical audio-visual and design specifications for the room. Will your media room be able to accommodate custom wiring for lighting, video, audio, and internet access? Since this space will be for the kids, you'll want to be sure to tuck away and loose wires in the rooms drywall or in discreet tubing throughout the room to prevent this from becoming a safety hazard.

Choosing the right TV for the space is a must. You don't want something that will be too over-powering for the kids, but you do want something large enough to make an impact. To pull the rest of the look together for a kids media room, consider fun, comfortable furniture to pull your choice of theme for the room together.

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