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Freshen up your work space with a standing desk

by Lila Delman Real Estate

Did you know that a home office is one of the most desirable features in today's homes? If you are considering listing your RI home, pay some attention to your home office and consider staging the space to appeal to future buyers. 

One unique way to maximize the space in your home office and show prospective buyers that the room makes for an enjoyable work environment is to consider incorporating a standing desk. There is a huge movement for people to continue to improve their health, and sitting all day behind a computer can lead to several health-related issues over time. 

A great standing desk option to consider is the floating desk, which is installed into the wall, making it a huge space saver. A standing desk is approximately 40 inches in height, but you can adjust it accordingly so that the surface of the desk comes to the top of your elbows when standing with your arms at your side. If your home office space is already small, taking advantage of a floating desk that is installed to the wall will really help to create the illusion of a much larger space.

Another way to keep the clutter off of the floor and make your home office space feel larger is to make use of shelf risers and stackable shelves. Again, these items can be installed to the wall and are perfect for accompanying a standing desk as everything will be within an easy reach.

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