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Learn about this High-Tech "Forest"

by Lila Delman Real Estate

Technology has made amazing strides in recent years. It seems that every day there is a new article or bit of information about the fantastic advances of the Tech Age. A recent exhibit in Australia has been opening minds, and causing many to rethink home technology trends and how we view the splendor of nature.

Melbourne, Australia recently became home to a forest of high-tech plants. These "plants" are not plants at all, but a complex structure of poles and wiring that mimic the appearance of flowers. The structures are made up of a light carbon, and each pole in the forest has a large grouping of petals at the top. The idea is to give the impression of the canopy of a forest. Instead of lush green leaves, however, visitors are treated to the glorious glow of futuristic flower petals. 

What's more fascinating, the petals also double as speakers. They will record sounds from daily life, passing conversation and the noises of nature, and play them back throughout the day. The idea is to show visitors to the forest that, even when we believe we are alone, there is someone willing to listen to our words.

This kind of technology will be able to serve homeowners in many unique ways in the future. These flowers can be used as decor for a home, creating a futuristic garden of sound. While the technology is still new, it stands to reason that we will be seeing a lot more of this level of artistry in coming years. Until then, one will have to visit Melbourne to see firsthand. 

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