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Prevent Those Winter Drafts from Flowing Into Your Home

by Lila Delman Real Estate

When looking for a new home, one factor to consider is the energy efficiency of the property. This is especially true if you are in the market for a coastal RI property, as the winter winds coming from the ocean can be especially harsh on a home that is not well sealed and insulated. Your realtor can connect you with the right resources (i.e.: a reputable home inspector) to make you aware of the home's current efficiency level and what you will need to do to make a home more energy efficient

If you are concerned about chilly winter drafts flowing into your home, here are some tips for preventing this:

Maximize the amount of natural light that flows into your home.

While window treatments are a focal point in many rooms, keeping the curtains open on your south facing windows during the day can allow plenty of natural light to infiltrate your home and warm the space. 

Take advantage of tight fighting drapes and insulated shades during the winter months.

In areas of your home where the wind is especially harsh, this type of window covering can provide additional sealing and insulation to keep the unwelcome drafts out of your home.

Find and seal any visible leaks.

Winter drafts can enter your home through a number of places besides windows, such as gaps around chimneys, recessed lights, and unfinished spaces behind closets. It's a good idea to have your home checked for such air leaks to keep you comfortable throughout the winter season.

Add weatherstripping to leaky doors and windows.

If you see any visible leaks in these areas, add some caulk and weatherstripping to seal these areas.

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