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The Annointed Mecca for Chicken, Wright's Farm Restaurant

by Penny Taylor

Hold on Colonel Sanders! Recently we went on an afternoon adventure to Wright’s Farm Restaurant in Nasonville, Rhode Island. We heard that it was very good and that everything was served family style. For all we knew, it was just a restaurant that you pulled off the road into a parking lot and walked in through the door. Wrong!

So, off we went driving the back roads of northwestern Rhode Island. We really needed our GPS because we were literally out in the middle of no where. As the GPS told us that our destination was immanent, we started slowing down so as not to over shoot our target. WOW! Suddenly, there was a traffic jam on this quiet country road! We blinked to make sure that it was not a casino, as the traffic was so heavy. There was a traffic officer directing cars and buses in and out of the parking lot, at the most mind boggling rate! We all looked at each other and couldn’t believe the magnitude of this establishment!

Not a parking space to be had, so we just kept cruising around hoping for some satiated diners to leave. Finally, we got lucky and found a spot. Walking up to the restaurant, we were being seduced by the aroma of wonderfully intoxicating roasting chicken wafting out of the gigantic exhaust fans and were further drawn in by an enormous anticipation of this cavernous facility and what it had to offer.

Upon entering, we navigated our way through the swirling streams of crowds, to reach the check in booth. We took our number chip and went to the bar for a drink, while we waited an hour for our table. It was almost impossible to find a place for us to sit. There were masses of people every where that you looked. Finally our number, lucky 13, came up!

We were ushered from full dining room through full dining room and then we were finally seated at our table. The waiter brought us our, all you can eat home style dinner: rolls, crispy salad, pasta and sauce, home made French fries and two roasted chicken halves. It was delicious, major comfort food and we were thoroughly enthralled. He asked us if we wanted dessert, but we begged off, as the three of us could not even finish our first helping. Upon leaving, completely full, another mass of humanity was steadily flowing into the building.

Wrights Farm Restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday. In that time period, 14,000 pounds of chicken are served to a stunning average of 12,000 avid eaters! In addition to the 300 to 400 people waiting to be seated at any given time! This rambling 45,000 square foot restaurant has six well appointed dining rooms and four bars in addition to a large gift shop. There are over 75 ovens in which the perfectly seasoned chicken is roasted. The seasoning recipe is a carefully guarded secret. The patrons are a cross section of humanity. Inclement weather hardly effects their enthusiastic turnout. Cash is king, so leave your credit card at home. $10.95 gets you all you can eat!

If you would like a great experience, a good old fashioned meal and a beautiful country ride, try this out. We had a blast!