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Tips on Planning an Audio-Visual System for Your Entire Home

by Lila Delman Real Estate

Whether you prefer Beethoven over Miles Davis or the Rolling Stones over the Beatles, everybody enjoys music, and most people listen to music daily. While you may not watch as many movies, you probably do watch your favorite TV shows regularly. That’s why having a modern home that allows you to listen to your favorite music and watch your favorite movies and TV shows from any room is so important. It might seem like you’ll have to buy tons of equipment, but the truth is that whole home audio-visual system set up isn’t as hard as you think.

Choose Your Head End

In the audio visual world, the head end or head room is the space where you’ll have the bulk of your audio-visual equipment. For many people, this is likely a dedicated home theater or a den where they spend time listening to music and watching music. This will also be where you store your best and most expensive components.

To choose the right head end you need a space that’s air-conditioned and comfortable to keep equipment from overheating.

Wire Every Room

When you’re installing a system, don’t skip rooms. Cable is cheap enough that you can have every room wired without breaking the bank. Once the cables are in the wall and construction is finished, going back in will be much more expensive.

Get a Quality Remote

To control your whole home audio-visual set up you need a remote that can communicate through walls. Today, you can also use apps for your smartphone, but these aren’t always ideal if you have a family that wants to use the system too.

Dedicated remotes by companies like URCCreston, Savant and AMX are your best bet.

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